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New Clock.

Hey. I like this new clock but if you want to see my new clock I maked, please check them out:


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About rTV Memories TV:
rTV Memories was founded on June 30th, 2015 after a strike of rTV Memories founded of rTV Networks. The first name for the early rTV Memories (Currently rTV Memories TV) is ROBLOX TV, a commercial TV station and channel from rTV Networks. The launch day is July 4th. Went retiring after the first video for four months due to the suspending some of those things and draws "We are suspending ROBLOX TV for four months due to suspending operations." On December 5th, 2015, rTV Memories has returned due to 4 month hiatus. ROBLOX TV was changed to rTV Memories on February 10th, 2016. rTV Memories celeblated 1 year on July 4th, 2016. rTV Memories got terminated on July of 2016 and went back again on October 1st of2016. Went it changed to rTV Memories TV, All of the other channels went closed during the licence of the memberships. In July 11th, rTV Memories starts as a divided channels. As for current day, rTV Memories TV has a changing by defunct all remaining channels except two members and channels. They are:
rTV Memories Logos (now rTV Memories Logo Network) (removed TV) - a rTV Memories TV Affiliate - July 11th, 2016
 - It also know as the first channel of the divided channels from rTV Memories. This is the first time uploaded at 2:23pm EST. rTV Memories Logos launched at the done creating a channel. As the same affiliate as rTV Memories TV, the TV was removed same as GoAnimate department due to our hardest makings and longer makings and longest time for the movies.
rTV Memories GoAnimate (removed TV) - a rTV Memories TV Affiliate - July 23th, 2016
 - This is the second channel of rTV Memories. This channel was created and launched on the creating. It was affiliated with rTV Memories TV, but TV from "GoAnimate" was removed due to harder working and longer makings. From 6:20 to 7;00pm EST on January 31st, rTV Memories changes to ROBLOX TV from 6:20 and changes back to regular at 7:00. Unfortunately, this changes could not doing this change because rTV Memories TV retiring the ROBLOX TV name on January 1st, 2017.
rTV Memories ROBLOX - July 24th, 2016
 - One day later, rTV Memories founded rTV Memories ROBLOX as a commenity channel of Robloxia. When rTV Memories ROBLOX was moved to rTV Memories GoAnimate and draws "This channel will moved to GoAnimate due to our copyright strikes and due to retiring due to licences.",  rTV Memories ROBLOX is closed due to movings.
rTV Memories News and Public Affairs and rTV Memories Minecraft - July 25th, 2016
 - As both two channel split into one. rTV Memories founded rTV Memories News and Public Affairs starts at the creating Daylight Pacific Time (PDT). As the same as rTV Memories News and Public Affirs, rTV Memories Minecraft was also launched. "News and Public Affairs" channel went closed due to retiring our services. And rTV Memories Minecraft went closed due to furner TV's and retiring from Minecraft.
rTV Memories Portuguese (RTV Memórias Português) - August 5th, 2016
 - On the same day, rTV Memories Portuguese (RTV Memórias Português) launched as for August 5th, 2016. In one video on the same day, rTV Memories become a Brazilian/Brasileiro television social media in the Robloxia/Brazil/Brasil. It may 350 views in one video it's the most. rTV Memories Portuguese went to GoAnimate and shut down permissions after Copyright Strike from Globo. This channel went closed after it's copyright strike and decaded to removed this to our licence and channel members.
- No mesmo dia, rTV Memórias Português foi lançado em 5 de agosto de 2016. Em um vídeo no mesmo dia, rTV Memories se tornou uma mídia de televisão brasileira / brasileira na Robloxia / Brasil / Brasil. Pode 350 vistas em um vídeo é o mais. RTV Memories Portuguese foi para o GoAnimate e desligou as permissões após o Strike de Copyright da Globo. Este canal foi fechado após a greve de direitos autorais e decadiado para removido para nossos membros da licença e do canal.
- rTV Memories Tutorials - August 24th, 2016
 - The tutorials channel launches following serial key license number AFF/WIN/rTVM-2016-08-24. Tutorials channel brings tutorial to bring your homes. And went requested from "Mouse Behave !" channel's video "Caillou dances to Micheal Jackson's Bad \grounded", this channel went closed and deceased due to our licences from rTV Memories TV and tutorials went retired.
rTV Memories Windows 8  - August 26th, 2016.
 - Windows 8 is launched many years ago. So rTV Memories during following serial key AZD/WIN-rTVM-2016-08-26, rTV Memories Windows 8 was launched. Went closed and moved to Windows 10 and closed again due to our licence.
rTV Memories Continuties - September 1st, 2016 before Independence Day in Vietnam
 - Following BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and license numbr AZC/UK/rTVM-2016-09-01, rTV Memories Continuities is now launched. And closed due to UK licences from rTV Memories TV and BBC and Easy Hide VPN 3 days free trial gets expired.
rTV Memories Closes (Now Closes and Openings) - September 2nd, 2016
 - Due to the permission to NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and more, following that code BAD/CS/rTVM-2016-09-02, It's now launched. Get closed by rTV Memories TV due to the hirus.
After ROBLOX Releases the Fifth Generation of  Logos, as is, on January 10th, when is membered with rTV and ROBLOX Corporation, rTV Memories TV is a primary member and is a public member of rTV, under serving Robloxia regions. When is become a ROBLOX member, on January 11th, the member is now ROBLOX with "a ROBLOX Company" byline on it to become a primary and the public member. On January 15th, 2017, rTV Memories TV owned our members with Scripps to become a ROBLOX/Scripps company. The owner Scripps purchased rTV Memories TV for $5. Become a Scripps' member, rTV Memories TV purchases Scripps for $1.  This launches and changes on January 1st, 2018.
rTV Memories Gaming - August 12th, 2016- - The gaming channel launches on August 12th, 2016 during rTV Memories' Licence. Following the license, rTV Memories Gaming is a gaming channel that bring games that you can. When rTV Memories TV's licence getting a failure, draws "decaded to close down the remaining channels" and Final Kick went retired,  rTV Memories Gaming is closed- rTV Memories Tutorials - August 24th, 201

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The rules of the comment owned and operated station.

The channel rules is the copyright under stealing key number DS05-211/rTVM/123, February 1st, 2016 by the ROBLOXian Police Station and the ROBLOXian Broadcasting Corporation, National Television Stations of the ROBLOXian Republic, ROBLOXian Republic Television Broadcasting Inc. (RRTBI), National Television of Broadcasting Partners Corporation Stations of ROBLOXia, LLC. (NToBPCSoRL) and National Selection Television Social Media Corporation (NSTSMC). rTV Memories is a Owned and Operated station operated by rTV Networks (formerly rTV Networks LLC), rTV Commulations LLC, rTV Corporation Broadcasting, Inc., Television Partners, Inc., GoAnimate Animation Broadcasting, Inc., and rTV Social Media Partners, Inc.. The station operates 100 partnerships with 1,000 members. The rules are listing by David Muriar, John Sationa, tranhuytoan, MrSean64, SteveSimion, Trans Deace, Amera Dfesa, John Twanc and Cation Deala. The rules that listed by the folling members, producers, directors, cameramans, and more. The rules is the following manager to our comment station owned and operated station.
 - No bad comments
- No stealing videos
- No comments are stupid
- No stupid requests
- No add to playlists
- And no unsubscribe.
- No block him
- and No Swam.
- And No bad comments.

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Welcome to rTV Memories Blog. Where every broadcasts are now here everyday. For more infomation, Please go to the YouTube Channel.